Oh Star!

Oh star fall down on me
Let me make a wish upon you
Hold on, let me think
Think of what I'm wishing for
Wait, don't go away.
Just not yet.
Cause I thought,I had it.
But I forget.
And I won't let you fall away,
From me.
You will never fade.
And I won't let you fall away.
From me.
You will never fade away from me.
And now I let my dreams consume me,
And tell me what to think.
But hold on,
Hold on.
What am I dreaming?

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evy a dit…

nooooooooo vivimos re cerca, vivis a 1 cuadra de la casa de mi madrina $$ jajaja , pase miles de veces por ahi , eeeee espero verte alguna vez ( L ), cuantos años tenes (?)

evy a dit…

esaaa jajja , yo tengo 16 (a), cumplo el 1 de marzo :P jajajaj $$